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And if you register now you could win a FREE e Harmony subscription. Contest runs from November 4, 2014 – December, 4 2014.

For more information see contest rules Jazz up your date night Cue those jazz hands – this date night idea has some extra pizazz for you.

In the end, singles who became members of our dating agency to avoid seeking a life partner in bars found the experience of a singles’ event worse than the bar scene.

People were simply curious about who would show up and rarely went beyond the superficial.

In fact, according to BBC, Montreal is one of the best cities to date in the world. Going on better dates is the answer to finding someone truly right for you. There are a variety of classes to choose from, ranging from gourmet in a hurry, world cuisine, pastry delirium, fancy tapas, and how to cook up the perfect brunch.

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It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that singles love to mingle in Montreal. And when the cold winds bring a chill nothing warms the heart more than a meal made from scratch with your special someone Why not take a hands-on cooking class at Ateliers et Saveurs? Learn how to roll fresh sushi and artfully craft pizza and pasta with your own bare hands!

As president of Intermezzo Montréal I am often asked whether we organize events for singles. Confidentiality is one of the pillars of our dating agency.

Attempting to expose our members to a group of 200 or 300 people would result in failure.

Well we’ve got you covered with several date night ideas that will score you some serious points. And the best part – after you create your meal comes the reward; enjoy your work in a lively dining room.

From cooking class, with love Couples who cook together, stay together. Pumpkin So now that you’ve been drinking and eating all things pumpkin spice for the last couple months, it’s time to get your hands on a real pumpkin with your pumpkin (also your date).

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