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I mean, one woman made shoes.’ The exhibition of his work at Hepworth, Wakefield, part of the gallery’s new focus on photography, includes examples from each of his major series.

‘I didn’t really think of the Steinbeck thing,’ he says.The show also includes his most recent series, East of Eden, which was triggered by the financial crash of 2008.It pivots on the idea of the fall of man, and our ensuing loss of innocence.” At least in part, the series was intended as a thorn in the side of the pervading bigotry surrounding Aids (his brother Max died of an Aids-related disease). He had a turbulent time growing up in the home that his architect father built for the family.‘Most of the parents wouldn’t let their kids come to our house. She was such a disruptive part of mine and my whole family’s existence that I can’t say I particularly missed her, put it that way.’ He was kicked out of school at 17. I’d give it to some junkie friend of mine who’d give me heroin… I finally gave them a fake note saying my absence from class was due to hepatitis – I had no idea that would have quarantined the school – they called my father, and that was the last straw.’ The following year he overdosed after experimenting with belladonna and had a psychotic reaction that led to a spell in a mental hospital.

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